GE GSBF-1500 Quick Change System

GSBF-1500 is a GE Undersink Single Stage Quick Change Filter System which reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor that improves the taste and the clarity. It includes cartridge and installation hardware.

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  • Improve Your Family's Security. Immediately, greatly reduce the number of unwanted visitors entering your premises. This includes particles and micro-organisms larger or equal to 0.5 microns in size.
  • Space-Saver. Eliminate the need to store bulky water gallons.
  • No Electricity Required. GE's Drinking Water System only requires a household water pressure of as low as 10 psi. No electricity needed.
  • Safe for the Environment. With no bulbs, electricity, or plastic bottles/gallons (all of which contributes to Oil Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production), GE's Drinking Systems help prevent Global Warming and help save our Earth.
  • Change cartridge without having to turn off the water.
Material Carbon Filter
Capacity 2 500 gal. (9 450 L)
Service Life Up to 6-Months
Micron Rating 0.5 micron (normal)
Flow Rate 0.6 gpm (2.27 Lpm)
Pressure Rating 25-100 psi (1.7-6.8 bar)
Temperature 40-100°F (4.4-38°C)
Certifications NSF ANSI Standard 42
Substance Reduction  
Chlorine Taste and Odor Yes
Sediments Yes
Dimensions 20.3W x 34.3H x 12.7D cm
Replacement Cartridge GSBF-1500 R
GE GSBF-1500 Quick Change System - Installation