Mabe Appliances MEI09VR (1hp)


Energy Saving Inverter Window AC 1hp


₱23,195.00 ₱29,995.00
Standard Delivery

4-6 days

Returns & Warranty
100% Authentic
  • Inverter Technology
  • Higher EER of 13.2
  • Filter Cleaning Reminder
  • Blue Fin Coating
  • Cool, Dry, Sleep and Fan Mode
  • Timer Fan Mode
  • Lock Function
  • Electronic Control w/ remote


    Only P2.59/hr* to keep your room cool this summer with mabe's 1hp Inverter Window Type Aircon!

   One of the lowest consumption rates among inverter aircons today.

    Also available in 1.5, 2 and 2.5hp Inverter Window Type

   *Based on Meralco Power Lab Test under the following test conditions with the mabe INVERTER 1hp window type    airconditioner:

    Average of 8 hours night time use, 25'c thermostat at high fan speed.


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