Mabe Appliances MEV05VV .6hp Window AC


Eco Friendly and Energy Savings Airconditioner
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  • .6hp
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant (R32)
  • 3 Fan Speed
  • Slide out and Washable Filter
  • Mechanical Control

R32 has a global warming potential that is less than half that of R410A, while still being an efficient refrigerant gas. More and more manufacturers have launched products using it and have made the switch from the old gas to the new R32. As well as having a lower global warming potential, R32’s other benefits include:

  • It has a lower toxicity, which is good for both human health and the wider environment.
  • It is less flammable, making it a safer alternative.
  • It  is energy efficient
  • It is easy to handle and can be reused, increasing its environmental credentials.
  • Zero ozone depleting potential.